Mental Health and Wellness Ministry

Nearly one in four of us has a family member struggling with mental health issues.  From depression to eating disorders to suicide, mental illness strikes regardless of income level, gender, age, or ethnicity.  So many families suffer in silence.  During these times of personal darkness, our faith community can be an important source of support. 

St. Gabriel Church is commited to mental health and wellness.  We provide educational resources, programs, and connections to qualified help. 


Parenting Teens in the Age of Anxiety

Thursday, February 22
6:30 to 8:30 pm
Fellowship Hall - Church Building

Rates of anxiety continue to surge, and no age demographic has seen a spike in anxiety more than teenagers.  But what is behind the surge of anxiety rates?  And what can parents and teens do to manage their anxiety?  Jonathan Hetterly, a licensed counselor from Southeast Psych, will present what parents and teens need to know about managing anxiety in stress.

This program is free and hosted by our new Mental Health and Wellness Ministry. 


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