Leverage Your Strengths for College Students

Discover the incredible, unique talents God has given you! 

Calling all college students!  Have you ever taken the time to ponder the things that come naturally to you?  In our crazy busy world, we rarely allow time to learn about the incredible power we have inside: our God-given strengths. 

Join us for an empowering, eye-opening workshop to discover your Top 5 God-given talents.  You will see how living and owning your strengths on a daily basis intersects directly with the college major and hobbies you're drawn to, your relationships, and even finding a career you will love. 

Offered by more than 600 universities and schools, this Gallup Strengthsfinder-based workshop will provide insight you will use for a lifetime.  It is a wonderful opportunity to discover:  

  • What do I naturally do best?
  • Why am I drawn to certain subjects, hobbies or jobs?
  • How do my strengths play a role in my relationships?
  •  Who am I now, and who am I going to be?


For rising/current/just graduated college students -- including those who have previously completed StrengthsQuest for Teens.


A 1-session workshop that helps participants discover their God-given strengths and learn how these strengths relate to all aspects of their lives: faith, school, relationships, career choice, etc.


Wednesday, June 19 - CANCELLED  
Please join us at StrengthsQuest on Wednesday, August 14
5:00 - 9:00 pm 
Ministry Center, Room A


Cost is $20 and covers the cost of the on-line assessment and class materials.   Please bring payment to the workshop.  Cash or check (payable to St. Gabriel Catholic Church).  

Important, Required Pre-Work

Participatants must complete the online assessment AT LEAST SEVERAL DAYS before the first workshop.  About 2 weeks before the workshop, participants will will receive a one-time use code via e-mail from the StrengthsQuest coordinator to access and complete the on-line assessment and discover their strengths.


Sorry!  Registration has closed.



Email Mary Mozingo.

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