Prison Outreach Ministry

A new opportunity to offer hope to incarcerated women

“For punishment to be fruitful,
it must have a horizon of hope. 
Otherwise, it is enclosed within itself
and is only an instrument of torture; it’s not fruitful. ”
Pope Francis

What if offering hope to those in prison
was easier than it sounds?  

What if you could perform this
Work of Mercy from home?  


Consider joining this ministry and have a life-changing impact on women in prison through mentoring, card writing or serving as a pen pal. 


*About Changed Choices

Our new St. Gabriel Prison Outreach Ministry will partner with "Changed Choices".  This local non-profit provides emotional, spiritual, and physical assistance to highly motivated women both during their incarceration and as they transition back into society, enabling them to make positive changes in their lives and to achieve self-sufficiency. 

Easy and meaningful ways to participate in this ministry - most of them done from home - will include:

  • Prayer Team Member
  • Card Writer
  • Pen Pal
  • Mentor

Visit Changed Choices website here.

Interested in serving or have questions?  

For an overview of this ministry, Contact Melanie Coyle.  For information on becoming a card writer or pen pal, contact Julia Zalewski.


"Each one of us is more

than the worst thing

we have ever done." 

 Bryan Stevenson,
Author of Just Mercy,
Founder of  Equal Justice Initiative

Changed Choices Makes a Remarkable Impact

Without support, 2/3 of incarcerated women are likely to return to jail, and their children are much more likely to commit crimes that lead to prison.  Changed Choices makes a life-changing impact:  less than 4% of their clients return to prison. 


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Online Giving

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