Nurses Serving Our Neighbors


As part of our growing commitment to "Caring for Charlotte", there is a new group of nurse advocates forming in our church community!  We are nurses that want to advocate for the most vulnerable in our city...those living in shelters or in supportive housing.  Serving may only a few phone calls a month, meeting someone at a doctor’s appointment or helping them navigate our complex medical system. We are not staffing a clinic, only working one-on-one with a potential “neighbor” to help them pursue their options for better health and wellness.

Information Meeting
  Tuesday, April 30, 6:30 pm
Location:  Family Room in the church building (next to the choir practice room)
What: Any interested licensed nurses (retired, or those that have some time to give)  “come and see”
RSVP:  Teri Ferguson, R.N.

Requirements of the Nurse Advocate:

  • Maintain a current nursing license in the State of North Carolina (the license requires that a criminal background check has been done to receive the license).
  • Carry a professional individual liability insurance policy as a nurse. (NSO provides a policy that is $100/year (covers license protection: Good Samaritan liability, Personal Injury liability, etc.)
  • Caution: Since we will be working with an extremely vulnerable population, the nurse is not allowerd to transport patients to appointments but meeting them there is part of being an advocate. Cash gifts are als odiscouraged but food items, toiletries or warm clothing is at your discretion.

“Allowing ourselves to really hear their voices reminds us
that they are not some 'other' but rather, except by grace, we are them.”

Amy Ruth Warner, Nurse working with the Homeless population 

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