Just Faith


What is JustFaith?

JustFaith is an intensive, small-group process for faithful Christians looking to deepen their commitment to care for vulnerable people and our planet.  Through prayer, study, dialogue, and immersions, participants form community as they explore critical realities and their implications to their lives and their faith.  The group will employ books, videos, guest speakers, discussion, prayer, retreats and hands-on experiences.  Participants also form a community and share a journey of faith and compassion that is life-giving.  Visit the JustFaith website for more.

JustFaith Information Sessions for  2017-2018 Program

St. Gabriel will host a daytime and an evening JustFaith group beginning this fall.  Learn more at one of our upcoming information sessions:

  • Sunday, August 6, after the 9:00, 10:45 am Mass and after the 12:30 pm Mass, Ministry Center

Questions?  Contact Cathie Long at cathlong@aol.com.

JustFaith 2017-2018 Groups 

  • In 2017-2018, two JustFaith small group(s) will meet Mondays  (7:00 - 9:00 pm ) and Thursday mornings (10:00 am - Noon) September 11 - December 15th.  Group(s) resume meeting in January and finish the end of April.  Participants can choose the Monday or Thursday session.  
  • An opening retreat, four immersion experiences and a commissioning retreat are also planned.  
  • There is no cost to participants for the program. 

For more information or to register: Contact Cathie Long at cathlong@aol.com


Quotes from JustFaith Participants


“The JustFaith program has increased my understanding of the relationship between faith and action. Through prayer, study, meaningful dialogue and immersions it has changed the way I see the world” - Cathie Long, St. Gabriel  

"Looking for a way to get involved in your community, learn about current social issues, and how the Catholic Church approaches these issues?   Experience it first hand with JustFaith and make a difference in your world." – Christina Pasquarell, St. Matthew

“JustFaith was a journey into compassion.  I have developed a richer connection with my faith and a much better perspective regarding local and global issues.”  -- Bill Pye, St. Matthew

“JustFaith opened my eyes to a broken world; the community at St. Matthew gives me the strength to change it.”  -- Bruce Mlakar, St. Matthew

"Just Faith opened my eyes.

Just Faith opened my heart with compassion.

Just Faith gave me a path to live Pope Francis’ vision.

Just Faith inspired me to action".
Chris Brown


What is Just Faith? 

  • a weekly gathering of people that learn, discuss, experience, pray about, and participate in the important social issues of our time.
  • a platform to reflect on the world alongside people with different backgrounds and perspectives.
  • one week you may do some readings on poverty in America and have a lively discussion. The next week you might be talking with an off-and-on homeless person discussing the challenges of living in the Charlotte Metro area on $20,000 a year. The next week you may be serving lunch at the Men’s shelter.
  • one week you might go to a halfway house for women at the end of their prison sentences and talk to them about the challenges of integrating back into society. The next week you may be taking your car to a certain auto detailing shop because you learned that the owner goes out of his way to provide employment opportunities to these women as they try to create a new life for themselves.

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