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Additional dates just added October 5-16! 


Wow!  It’s been more than 10 years since we created a St. Gabriel Family Photo Directory.  Our families have grown and  changed.  It’s time for a much needed update!  Our goal is to include everyone.

Here’s What You Need to Know

  • Each participating household will receive a free Directory and an 8x10 photograph.  There is no obligation to make a purchase.
  • Portrait dates are available most days through September 24 and October 5-16.
  • Portraits may be scheduled online below .
  • Customize your photo!  After you take your church Directory photo, include extended family, pets, or items (like team jerseys, cultural attire, musical instruments, etc.) in your portrait session that reflect who you are!


Photo Location: 

Photos will be taken on the third floor of the Ministry Center/church office building.

Your Contact Information in the Directory

  • What will be included?  The back of the directory will include a listing of all registered families (even those who aren't photographed) with their names, home address, and a phone number -- information commonly available these days.  
  • Need to update the information the church has on file?  Email our Membership Coordinator, Cheryl Pelletier.   Even though we won't publish email addresses, please provide her with your new one if it has changed since you registered.
  • Don't want to be listed in the Directory?  Simply email our Membership Coordinator, Cheryl Pelletier, and let her know.   


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Online Giving

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