Staff Directory

Our parish staff can be reached at 704-362-5047.  The extensions noted below bypass the receptionist.


Fr. Richard Sutter
by email or ext. 206

Associate Pastor

Fr. Gabriel Carvajal-Salazar
by email or ext. 208

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Lay Parochial Associate

Andy Albritton
by email or ext. 300


Deacon Mark Diener
by email or ext. 604

Deacon Michael Goad
by email or ext. 275

Deacon Larry O’Toole
by email or ext. 272 

Deacon Chris Vigliotta
by email or ext. 600

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Pastoral Needs and Sacraments 

 Pastoral Care Director 

Ana Lothspeich
by email or ext. 212

Pastor’s Assistant

Jane Dreyer
by email or ext. 203

Assistant to the Pastoral Care Director

Carolyn Tillman
by email



Director of Music

Dr. Larry Stratemeyer
by email or ext. 271

Parish Life, Membership & Volunteering

Ministry Leadership & Volunteer Coordinator

Karen Brown
by email or ext. 214 

Membership Coordinator

Cheryl Pelletier
by email or ext. 220

Ministries Support & Activities Coordinator

Denise Murphy
by email


Communications Director

Darby McClatchy
by email or ext. 217

 Communications Associate

Anna Eyl
by email or ext. 233

Business Office & Accounting

Business Manager

Claudia Goppold
by email or ext. 211 

Parish Accountant

Chelsea Addler
by email or ext. 209

Assistant Accountant

Elaine Bermudez
by email or ext. 241

Accountants Payable Accountant

Karine Simonyants
by email or ext. 241


Faith Formation & Spiritual Development :
 Children & Adults

Faith Formation Director

Susan Krasniewski
by email or ext. 210

Programming Coordinator

Cathy Esposito
by email or ext. 276

Faith Formation Coordinator,
Grades K-3

Kristen Rivera
by email or ext. 228

Faith Formation Coordinator,
Grades 4-12 & Confirmation

Brenda Baalman
by email or ext. 219

Youth Group Coordinators

Lisa Gilkey
by email

Denise Gruender
by email

Cradle Preschool Director

Kate Stephens
by email or ext. 280

Spirituality Coordinators

Deacon Larry and Judy O’Toole
by email or ext. 272

Facilities & Scheduling

Facilities Manager/Scheduling

Michael Goad
by email or ext. 275

Front Desk Receptionists

Evelyn Esquivel (AM)
by email or ext. 201

Priscilla Perez (PM)
by email or ext. 201

Atheltic/Building Supervisors

Randy Kocak
by email or 704-241-4531

Greg Hebeisen
by email 


Wilson Beswilen
Linh Ngo











We welcome your call or email to any member of our parish staff. Or if you prefer, you may contact us using our online Contact Form.

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