WATCh (We Are the Church)  started as an outgrowth of our parish JustFaith program, when its participants started dialoguing and researching the abuse crisis in the church. They reflected on their deep love for their Catholic faith while trying to cope with the crimes and failures of the Church. They envisioned and longed for a transparent and homogeneous church. Guided by the Holy Spirit, they organized into a group, called “WATCh” and advocated to address the crisis from 4 pillars: Prayer and Healing, Education, and Dialogue.

Mission Statement: To provide a path for the laity of St. Gabriel to proactively address the brokenness and the challenges in the Catholic Church today by advocating for Accountability, Transparency, and Reform.

To reach these objectives, WATCh will provide insights in the following points of interest:


  • Prayer Station/Shrine @ St. Gabriel for victims, clergy, etc.
  • Monthly Mass Intentions for the involved
  • If you are in need of prayer, please share prayer requests here.  All prayer requests are handled confidentially among a small group of intercessors.

    Loving God,
    Help your wounded Church to remember its roots, 
    To recall the ways of your Son, our Lord, Jesus and to treat all with respect and compassion.
    We pray for healing and justice for those whose lives have been destroyed by abuse.
    we pray also for the leaders of your Church, our shepherds, priests, deacons, and women religious who have upheld your teachings.
    May they know that we are grateful for their dedication and that we are praying for them.While we know that you, God, will never let us down, we pray that one day, we may have our trust restored. 



Our intention is to use this webpage as a means to communicate and educate parishioners on key articles and topics that are a concern to all of us.  We Are The Church and we are seeking answers and change to the abuse within our Church. 

With the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit we will prevail and recommit ourselves to building God’s kingdom here on earth.

God bless you,

The WATCh committee
Leader/Facilitator: Sean Desmoyer
Secretary: Nancy Walker
Program/Communications: Anna Eyl

Interested in helping coordinate follow-up opportunities or talking with others about the crisis in the Church? Contact Nancy Walker

May the Holy Spirit be present amongst us,
enlighten our hearts and minds
and may we all embark on a path of healing!





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