Funeral Service at St. Gabriel Catholic Church (without a Mass)

At a funeral service, the community gathers with the family and friends of the deceased to give praise and thanks, to commend the deceased to God, and to seek strength and comfort. The funeral service includes the Liturgy of the Word, final commendation, and farewell. 

Planning a Funeral Service at St. Gabriel without a Mass:

Please refer to the following resources as you plan the funeral service:

  1. Funeral Music Selection and Songs
  2. Old Testament Readings
  3. Responsorial Psalms
  4. New Testament Readings
  5. Gospel Readings
  6. Prayers of the Faithful
  7. Prayer of Commendation
  8. Tips on Writing a Eulogy

Financial Considerations:

  • There is no charge for use of the church building for funeral services.
  • There is no charge for the services of the priests or deacons. It is up to the family, if a family wishes to make a personal gift to the priest or deacon. This is handled through the funeral home.
  • The charge for the organist and the cantor will be handled through the funeral home. Since playing the organ and singing in church is the livelihood of these professional people, the charge is determined by the Liturgical Music Association in the Charlotte area.
    *If there is a financial burden in regards to the payment for the organist and the cantor, please let us know. This will be handled through the Tithing Fund and not through the funeral home.

Funeral Receptions:

You are welcome to have a funeral reception in our Fellowship Hall, as long as the space is available.  For details involving the planning of a reception at St. Gabriel Catholic Church please contact pur Pastoral Care Direction, Ana Lothspeich at 704-362-5047, ext. 212.

  • Our bereavement committee sets up, serves and cleans up.
  • The set up for a reception in the Fellowship Hall is with long tables. Chairs will be set around the walls.
  • Baked goods (cookies, bars and treats), coffee and water are provided by our Bereavement Bakers Ministry.
  • We ask that families provide reception finger food through a caterer, if desired.

We hope the following resources will be a source of comfort in this particularly difficult moment.

Prayer for the Grieving
Prayer for a Family
Grief Support Groups
Anticipatory Grief
5 Stages of Grief
Reaching Out to the Bereaved

Special Masses for the Deceased at St. Gabriel Catholic Church

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