MACS Tuition Policy

To our families whose children are enrolled in the Mecklenburg Area Catholic School (MACS) System, it is a privilege to partner with you in passing on our Catholic faith.  Our parish provides significant support to MACS, which supplements the tuition discount offered to active, registered Catholic families.  Please take note of our Participation Policy, below.

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June 10, 2020

To:       St. Gabriel Parents with Children in MACS
Fr:        Rev. Richard Sutter, Pastor
Re:       Parish and MACS Participation Policy 2019-2020

Dear St. Gabriel parents with Children in MACS,

Greetings and peace! 

During the school year 2020-2021, St. Gabriel is providing $827,463 from our collections in support of families with children who are enrolled in Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools (MACS).

The purpose of this letter is to remind you of the tremendous tuition discount received by MACS families who are “participating Catholics” and fulfill the requirements below. 

Annually, I receive from MACS a roster of registered St. Gabriel families who are currently enrolled in MACS.  I review the list to verify that these families are in good standing using the “Participating Catholics” criteria.  I submit a list of families who do not meet the criteria.  After receiving our information, the MACS office will contact families regarding their tuition for the next school year.

Please contact our Membership Coordinator, Cheryl Pelletier at 704-362-5047, ext. 220, to address all questions with reference to parish and MACS participation.

It is a privilege to partner with you in passing on and celebrating faith with our children.

MACS Tuition Rates for 2020-2021

Elementary (Grades K-5)
Participating Catholic:  $7,361
Non-Participating:  $11,870

Middle School (Grades 6-8)
Participating Catholic:  $8,272
Non-Participating:  $12,815

High School (Grades 9-12)
Participating Catholic:  $11,806
Non-Participating:  $16,881

Criteria for Participating Catholics:

Mass Participation:  Families must be involved in parish worship by attending weekly Sunday Mass. Weekly attendance is measured by reviewing the use of offertory envelopes at Mass. Donations of cash and/or checks should be placed in these envelopes. If you use electronic transfer, we ask that you please drop your weekly envelope in the collection baskets.  It will be recorded.  NOTE:  The Mass attendance requirement is PAUSED during the pandemic restrictions.  As you are able, we encourage you to use Online Giving for supporting the parish.

Parish Registration:  Families must be registered at least 3 months before submitting a voucher to the parish office. If transferring from another parish, you need to provide a letter from your former parish, identifying you as a participating member. If no letter is provided, there will be a six (6) month waiting period.

Parish Participation:  Participation in stewardship efforts is expected as we work to pass on and celebrate faith with our children. Weekly Mass attendance and sharing your time, talent and treasure identify you as a participating member of St. Gabriel parish.  Find numerous opportunities to get involved in our weekly bulletin and our online Ministries Directory.


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