Spiritual Direction

Interested in Spiritual Direction?  Contact our Pastoral Care Director, Ana Lothspeich, for details.  There is no cost for spiritual direction.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Many people are seeking to grow spiritually, to experience a deeper relationship with God. They long to find meaning and a purpose in their lives. Spiritual Direction offers an opportunity to fulfill these yearnings and desires. A Spiritual Director is a companion on a person’s journey of faith. The Director has the privilege and the responsibility to help people discover the presence and action of God in their daily lives. Sessions are scheduled at regular intervals. In a welcoming atmosphere and a confidential and safe environment, the Director encourages those who want to grow closer to God to explore ways that help them experience that closeness.

What Happens During a Session of Spiritual Direction?

Each session usually begins with a short prayer asking for God’s presence and guidance. The Holy Spirit is the true Director, the unseen guest, who is always present during these sessions. A person might need help in identifying and trusting his or her own experiences of God. The Director will listen with care and respect and perhaps help the person to pay attention to how God communicates with him or her. Another person may be in need of affirmation to be able to see how he or she has been graced by God with unique and special gifts. Sometimes the Director will gently encourage someone to give up certain masks or pretenses that are obstacles on the spiritual journey. Oftentimes the Director will provide clarity, insight and help with discernment, especially during crossroads and transitions in life.

What are Some Benefits and Graces of Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction affords a safe and non-judgmental venue for sharing one’s hopes, dreams and struggles. One is helped to sort things out by listening to the Director’s feedback and suggestions. A personal transformation gradually takes place. He or she may become more hopeful and serene. Maybe they notice that they are more generous toward others or more accepting of people. Perhaps they see that they are more forgiving and less anxious and controlling. Having a supportive companion and guide on our spiritual journey helps us to take stock of our lives and to notice how God gently moves us toward an ever-closer relationship with Him.



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