Parish Groups

Church Mice: This weekly service ministry is responsible for changing the missalettes and replenishing the welcome cards in the pews on Monday mornings after the 8:45 am Mass. All parishioners are welcome. Contact Maureen Tully by leaving a messgae at the Parish Office at 704.364.5431.

Coffee and Donuts: Ministry encourages our church family to become more involved in the Christian life we offer. It allows us to become better acquainted with the families in our church while serving them. Children and adults alike love the donuts and fellowship. This ministry staffs the Masses on select Sundays, sets up tables, prepares drinks and donuts, serves our fellow parishioners and cleans up after (the church provides the food and supplies). This function takes place in the Fellowship Hall and volunteers sign up in advance. Contact Jack York at

OWLS: “Older, Wiser, Livelier Seniors” An organization for those 50 years and older. Monthly programs which meet the third Wednesday of every month (except July & August) are designed for spiritual enrichment, support and fellowship. There are social activities which feature entertainment, spiritual themes and education. Contact Carol Henry at

Connectors: Connecting parishioners in the mid life years who are seeking new social, spiritual and service opportunities. Whether you are single, married, widowed or divorced, we want you to feel connected to St Gabriel. Contact Gina Clegg at

Memory Makers: Plan programs for seniors of our parish who are 75 years or older. Help provide rides for the seniors, or with refreshments, decorations, entertainment, serving or clean up. Contact Lisa Flynn at or Maria O’Boyle at

Sewing Guild: Volunteers sew, knit and crochet for St. Gabriel Church, Alzheimer’s Assoc., nursing homes, hospitals, veterans, the homeless, Crisis Assistance, etc. Work is done at home or at monthly meetings. Contact Kathy Miskolitz by leaving a message at the Parish Office at 704.364.5431.


  • Venture Crew: Work with High School Students on high adventure, religious, team building and life experiences. Open to Non Catholic youth. This group is youth led with adult advisors.